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Birth of Guru Nanak (1st Guru & Founder) (Sikh)

November 27

“Guru Nanak came to this world in 1469 in the then-Punjab region and was the founder of Sikhism. Guru Nanak was a divinely appointed Master. His teachings are not for a particular age. His thoughts and sayings are timeless.In the person of Guru Nanak, we meet with an unparalleled completeness of religious life.Guru Nanak was a philosopher and prophet in one. His soul soared to celestial heights and brought from there armloads of Amrit, the divine food for our souls.Guru was a perfect Yogi and ideal householder. For the whole of his life, he worked for the good of others. He was a gifted, far‐sighted reformer, who advocated on behalf of the socially depressed, attacking the economic and political problems of his day. Through his Langar, no distinction of caste, race, or creed was ever observed. Such is the ideal organization which Guru Nanak designed for human society. He ever dwelt in God, and God ever dwelt in him. Guru Nanak was for the whole world. He conveyed his message of Love, Service, and Worship to all people of all places. And everywhere, he succeeded in lighting the holy flame in the hearts of the people.”

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Holiday Greeting: “Vadhaaiaa Ji” – Congratulations!

Students and/or Co-Workers may visit their local Gurdwara at some point during the day.


November 27
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Golden Rule

"The one who shows mercy unto the needy lends unto the world."