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Jashan-e Adargan (Zoroastrian)

November 24

Jashan-e Adargan is a celebration ceremony, a Jashan, performed on Adar day of Adar month, in
honor of Adar or Atarsh, a Pehlavi name derived from the ancient Avestan term “Athro”. Adar means
Fire, which being a life-giving element for all creation in our world, is highly revered by Zoroastrians.
Fire represents the Highest Righteousness to a Zoroastrian reminding her/him to mindfully live a
righteous life. Adar is associated with Ardavahisht.


November 24
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Golden Rule

"Everything you should do you will find in this: Do nothing to others that would hurt you if it were done to you."

- Mahabharata 5:1517