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Jashan-e Khordad (Zoroastrian)

May 25

Jashan-e Khordad is a celebration ceremony, a Jashan, performed on Khordad day of Khordad
month, in honor of Khordad, a Pehlavi name derived from the ancient Avestan term “Haurvatat” from
the Gathas of Zarathushtra. Haurvatât, according to Zarathushtra, is that attribute of Ahura Mazda
which represents wholeness and completion. This attribute reminds us of the perfecting process and
final completion of our material and spiritual evolution. In later Zoroastrian religious history, the wise
men/priests associated Khordad to be the steward/guardian of all the waters in the world. Like fire,
Zoroastrians have a great reverence for water, and keeping it pure and plentiful for everyone in the
world is our religious duty.


May 25
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Golden Rule

"Do one of the above; And live in such a way that you will enrich, and not diminish, our relatives in the Earth family of animals and plants, soil, air, and water."

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