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Jashan-e Spandarmad (Zoroastrian)

February 18, 2024

Jashan-e Spandarmad is a celebration ceremony, a Jashan, performed on Spandarmad day of
Spandarmad month, in honor of Spandarmad, a Pehlavi name derived from the ancient Avestan term
‘Spenta Armaiti’ from the Gathas of Zarathushtra. Aramaiti means “tranquility, stability and serenity.”
It is peace and prosperity. When used with the adjective spenta, it means the “ever-increasing or
progressive serenity and peace”. In later Zoroastrian religious history, the wise men/priests
associated Spandarmad with being the steward/guardian of Mother Earth. So, when we see this
divine attribute from both angles, for us it stands for Peace & Serenity for all Creation on Earth!


February 18, 2024
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