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Martyrdom of the Younger Sahibzadas (Princes) and Mata Gujri Ji (Sikh)

December 26

The traditional title of this day is Shaheedi-Chhotey Sahibzaadey. “The younger of the four Sahibzaadey, Baba Zorwar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh, were martyred together at the young age of 6 and 9 years old by the Mughals in Sirhind in 1705. They were captured with their grandmother, Mata Gujri, and were immediately imprisoned in the freezing temperatures of December. They rejected all bribes by the Mughals and instead chose to remain steadfast in their faith even if it led to being entombed alive. They did not waiver and choose the easy option of living a lavish life upon conversion. Their lives serve as a reminder that age has no bearing in living a principled life.”

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Students and/or Co-Workers may visit their local Gurdwara at some point during the day


December 26
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Golden Rule

"The one who shows mercy unto the needy lends unto the world."