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Memorial of 1984 Ghallughara (Sikh)

June 4

The Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, ordered a military assault of one of the most significant and historic sites, the Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple). Prior to the attacks, the Indian military deployed 100,000 troops across Punjab. This Indian military operation attacked innocent civilians who had gathered at the Harminder Sahib complex to commemorate the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev in the early days of June. All communications and phone lines were disabled, roads were blocked, and journalists were not allowed to be present in Punjab. Hundreds of bullet holes were counted on the various buildings in the complex and eyewitness accounts witnessed the deaths of nearly 8,000 while the official government record is less than 500. During this attack, many historic records and manuscripts were destroyed, the library was burned down, and the complex was looted. This military operation is more widely known as Operation Bluestar. Within the next decade, more than 70,000 Sikhs were detained with terrorism charges and hardly one percent of those were eventually convicted of a crime.

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June 4
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Golden Rule

"The successes of your neighbor and their losses will be to you as if they are your own."

- T'ai-Shang Kan-Ying P'ien